Broken plastic Laptop
    Broken plastic Laptop

    Broken plastic Laptop

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    Broken plastic Laptop. We recommend or replace the broken plastic parts of your laptop

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    • 1-2 days

    Broken plastics?

    The plastic parts of the laptop break relatively easily after falls or even with daily use especially on the screen connectors with the main base of the laptop.

    Broken screen bases

    Σπασμένη βάση οθόνης

    A very common case is breaking the screen link with the support hinge. In this case you might need to change the hinge and the back plastic part of the screen. Due to the high cost of replacement parts, we have developed techniques with which repair the damage without having to change these parts and at very low cost typically ranging from 25 € to 50 € depending on the damage.

    Broken down

    σπσμένη κάτω βάση λαπτοπ

    Also a very common damage is cracking the laptop base. In this case depending on the size of the failure but also the model of the laptop, it may be necessary to change the lower base and the top plastic with the keyboard. Due to the high standard replacement cost of plastics we have developed and for this case techniques that restore the problem permanently. The cost for such repair can range from 30 € to 50 € usually and depending on the damage.

    Can I stick them? 

    The most common question our customers ask is whether or not the broken bases can be attached. From our experience the answer is that they will be glued to some glue (usually epoxy) will be broken again almost immediately due to pressures on the specific points. Also glue surgeries don't help in later repair of us because of the remains of the adhesives. More generally the glue is not indicated as a repair for such damage.

    How much time will it take to repair?

    Usually these repairs are either same day or no later than 1-2 days for more difficult damages. The most important is that beyond the quick repair time, the damage is typically restored permanently and at low cost.

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