Laptop Warranty

εγγύηση επισκευής laptop

We offer you the best guarantee for your repair.


We guarantee with 1 year duration for all laptop repairs.

In the event of a failure of the part in the year, the company will replace the replacement without any further

In all cases where the machine has been sent by courier, you will only be charged the amount of €20 if it is a laptop.

Motherboard Repairs, Graphics Cards, Bios. 1 year repair warranty is provided. In the event of a breakdown within the warranty period, the repair will be attempted again at no charge to the customer.

The 1 year warranty that we provide for our repairs is the result of our confidence for the level of our repairs and we want our customers to feel it. Liquid repairs and plastics repairs are excluded from warranties.

After 1 year of warranty we provide discount 50 % to service costs for damage related to the first repair. For example, if a motherboard is repaired either on the graphics card or for any other damage, we provide 50 % discount for any damage that motherboardpresents in the future.

The repair guarantee refers to the repair service for damage which was initially repaired and the damage occurred again within the repair guarantee time and if this damage is at a repairable level.

Also for all cases where either your laptop is not repaired, or is judged by you uneconomical repair, we provide you with discounts across the range of refurbished machines that we have for sale.  

Our policy is to be happy with our services and for that we do that you can get as much service as possible

The warranty terms apply based on your warranty policy. If you have any questions about our warranty repairs contact us.

For information about the repair process, click HERE

For information about the shipping process by courier, click HERE

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Laptop Service

You are in the right place to repair your PC and Laptop.

We specialize in all brands of laptops and have a wide range of spare parts and accessories for your laptop.

We repair from a very small damage to very difficult damage to the motherboard.Burned motherboard, bios problem, graphics card, hard disk problem, screen change, keyboard change, laptop speed upgrade, data recovery from hard disk and all possible faults, we are here for you!

Some of the brands we undertake are:


  • Service Acer
  • Service Asus
  • Service Apple
  • Service Hp - Compaq
  • Service Dell
  • Service Lenovo
  • Service Toshiba
  • Service Sony
  • Service Fujitsu
  • Service Lg
  • Service MSI
  • Service Packard Bell
  • Service Turbox

We provide service and spare parts for all models.

For any question call us

Athens, Kifissias Ave. 44, 11526 Tel. 2107790014

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