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General: All product names, logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All the names of companies,
products and services used here are for identification purposes only. The use of these names, logos and brands does not imply validation on our part.

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used here are for identification only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply consistency.

Repair time: Our company makes every effort to repair it as soon as possible. Time depends on the availability of the spare parts and the nature of the damage. In special cases, additional time monitoring of the device may be required after repair. 

Replacement materials: In cases where materials are replaced (e.g. Monitors, power supplies, memories, etc.), you can ask us before the delivery of your device to you to deliver the old parts. In case you are not asked to deliver them to you, these will be forwarded to the local materials recycling places.

Effects from upgrades: You have an obligation to understand the potential effects of upgrading materials such as processors, memories, Operating system and. All manufacturers give specific specifications for the operation of the system which may be unstable in the event of any material being upgraded. For example, if your computer was built with a Windows XP operating system, its upgrading to Windows 8 may result in a lack of proper operation of some subsystems incompatibility of "drivers", such as WIFI cards, sound cards, etc., or even the unstable operation of the operating system itself. 

Liability of the company: By signing the repair form, you agree and withdraw all responsibility for the company BAPASIOUS A. NIKOLOS, for damage included but not limited here, for any loss of data during repair as well as loss of earnings from activities where you use your computer, travel expenses, gains, losses, and any other related to the device being serviced. You should also be aware that the clearance of viruses and other malicious programs can lead to numerous and frequent cases, data loss or even resettlement of the operating system, including 'drivers' and regional. 

Data Loss: The computer data is the most important element. During the repair period, they may be completely deleted. THE BASS A. NIKOLEOS bears no responsibility whatsoever for loss of data during the repair process. You have the ultimate responsibility to keep copies of your data. You can ask our company to create security copies, if it is technically feasible, which is charged extra. However, under no circumstances do NOT BE THE SUCKING THE SAFETY OF SAFETY. 

Property: The computer or device that is sent to us for repair must belong to you. The Company will return the computer to its owner after the repair work. If you need to install operating system or virus software or any other software, you must send us the genuine CDs of this software. If you wish to use new software, this will be at an agreed charge and will be accompanied by the authenticity certificates. Our company doesn't use pirated software. 

Personal data: Techs will not be navigated to your personal files during repair unless they are associated with the repair process. Please remove before sending your computer, all personal or confidential data that you do not wish to have access to. 

Right to Deny: Magnasa A. NIKOLEOS reserves the right to refuse repair in the event that it considers that it is beyond its scope or for a reasonable other reason. 

Abandoned products: If you do not receive your device within 30 days, our company will consider your device abandoned. After this deadline, these devices are sent to recycling after a safe deletion of data. If one month has expired and within the device's preparation period for recycling, ask for your device and it is still in our warehouse, that is, if it has not yet been delivered to recycling, we will hand over it after you first be charged for the costs of secure data deletion that The device suffered and possibly other management charges and / or with shipping costs. In this case you agree that you do not consider Banasios A. NIKOLAOS responsible for any possible loss that your computer may suffer as well as possible data loss. The customer's sole responsibility is to receive the device within the projected time limits. The one month limit is strict and only cases of devices remaining to us due to waiting for repair spare parts are excluded.

Repair agreed: Our company will repair the computer based on the cost-working arrangement. If for some reason you request extra work, you may be asked for written approval. 

Warranty: The company provides a 1-year warranty for all spare parts for its repairs. In case of failure of the spare part within the year, the company will replace the spare part again without any additional charge. Excluded from the warranty are software malfunctions due to viruses etc. and damage to spare parts at the user's responsibility. Motherboard Repairs, Graphics Cards, Bios. 1 year repair warranty is provided. In the event of a breakdown within the warranty period, the repair will be attempted again at no charge to the customer. The repair guarantee refers to the repair service for damage which was initially repaired and the damage occurred again within the repair guarantee time and if this damage is at a repairable level. In all cases where the machine has been sent by courier, you will only be charged the amount of €20 if it is a laptop.

Excluded from the guarantees are repairs due to falling liquids and plastic repairs. 

Fees: The Company in the event of refusal of repair will charge you with 20 € for operating costs and diagnostic costs (will not be charged if you deliver the device to the store manually). If the company proceeds to repair you will only pay the agreed repair value. Repayment of the repair will be made by deposit to a partner bank or by credit card after consultation. 

Receiver-Receivers: Our company is working with the ELTA Courier for shipping and receiving devices for repair. Shipments and receipts are NOT insured and our company is not liable in the event of damage or loss of devices during transport. In the event that the client wishes to receive a secure receipt, he may choose the company of his choice and send the device at his own expense. For some inaccessible areas there may be a return-pick charge and always after consultation. 

Unserviceable: In rare cases during the repair process (e.g., gluing chip graphics) there is the possibility of permanent damage to the material and cannot be overhauled, or it may be necessary to replace it or it can even render the computer non-functional. There is also a possibility in the process of disassembling a computer that had fallen or from another cause, to cause permanent damage to parts, plastics or electronic plaques (e.g. broken caps from a fall, broken tile from a fall). 

*Repair conditions can be changed without notice, according to the respective repair policy. Changes to the repair policy will be posted on this page. 

For any other information contact us in 2130248060.

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Laptop Service

You are in the right place to repair your PC and Laptop.

We specialize in all brands of laptops and have a wide range of spare parts and accessories for your laptop.

We repair from a very small damage to very difficult damage to the motherboard.Burned motherboard, bios problem, graphics card, hard disk problem, screen change, keyboard change, laptop speed upgrade, data recovery from hard disk and all possible faults, we are here for you!

Some of the brands we undertake are:


  • Service Acer
  • Service Asus
  • Service Apple
  • Service Hp - Compaq
  • Service Dell
  • Service Lenovo
  • Service Toshiba
  • Service Sony
  • Service Fujitsu
  • Service Lg
  • Service MSI
  • Service Packard Bell
  • Service Turbox

We provide service and spare parts for all models.

For any question call us

Athens, Kifissias Ave. 44, 11526 Tel. 2107790014

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