Memory upgrade
Memory upgrade

Memory upgrade

Upgrading your laptop

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  • 20 minutes if storage is available

Upgrading RAM

RAM memory upgrade is one of the most frequent upgrades. The reason is usually:

  • Laptop "sticks" too much while running
  • Laptop takes too long when I open a program
  • Laptop takes too long when I open more than 2 tabs in your browser
  • Mouse sometimes sticks when I open a program
  • Laptop takes too long to open a photo or video

These symptoms are a sample of problems that may be caused by an insufficient RAM.

Can I put all the memory I want?

The memory that can be placed depends on the limitations specified by the Laptop manufacturer. For example, a laptop accepts 2 memories of 8GB (total of 16GB) but the laptop manufacturer has a total of 8GB of limitation. In such cases, typically manufacturers make updates (not always) BIOS to extend compatibility to a larger memory.

What type of memory can I use?

If we talk about a last 20 years laptop there are the memories DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR3, DDR4. Even in the same generation memories, there are different frequencies of operation, so in the case of an upgrade we follow the compatibility standard of the manufacturer.

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Laptop Service

You are in the right place to repair your PC and Laptop.

We specialize in all brands of laptops and have a wide range of spare parts and accessories for your laptop.

We repair from a very small damage to very difficult damage to the motherboard.Burned motherboard, bios problem, graphics card, hard disk problem, screen change, keyboard change, laptop speed upgrade, data recovery from hard disk and all possible faults, we are here for you!

Some of the brands we undertake are:


  • Service Acer
  • Service Asus
  • Service Apple
  • Service Hp - Compaq
  • Service Dell
  • Service Lenovo
  • Service Toshiba
  • Service Sony
  • Service Fujitsu
  • Service Lg
  • Service MSI
  • Service Packard Bell
  • Service Turbox

We provide service and spare parts for all models.

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Athens, Kifissias Ave. 44, 11526 Tel. 2130248060 - 2107790014

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