Windows Installation Format
Windows Installation Format

Windows-MAC OS-Format - Disk Clone

Available in 2-3 days
Tax included

Format and installation windows, drivers, and basic programs.

Operating system
Repair Time
  • 1-2 days

Install Windows Mac OS

The daily use of our laptop and especially internet navigation creates many thousands of useless files and data that gradually affect the speed of the laptop. Also uncontrolled installation of various applications from the internet creates electronic "junk" that remain even if we uninstall these programs.

Symptoms of a laptop needing to reinstall (format):

  • "sticky"
  • laptop delays
  • pop out various windows without clicking
  • Hard disk work at 100 % continuously
  • Different error messages are thrown
  • Some programs do not open at all

These are some only indicative symptoms of a laptop which needs format. Of course before making the format the hard drive should be checked to ensure that the symptoms do not come from the hard drive but are software problems. Of course to us control and diagnosis are free of charge so you have a complete picture of your laptop status.

Reinstall process

*The reinstallation process for us follows the following steps.

  • confirm that the laptop has a legal windows license
  • client confirmation to backup or not
  • Backup data if needed (may have a charge)
  • Format hard disk
  • reinstalling operating system
  • installation of drivers in the latest version
  • install updates on your operating system
  • backup backup files (if backup has been performed)
  • checking systems and subsystems in order to function correctly
  • install free applications that the client wants (google chrome, firefox, acrobat reader, free antivirus)

To install microsoft office applications, the client must provide us with the installation media with the activation key.

*We do not install an operating system and applications that do not have the required


Disk Clone

We can clone your original disk to your new one so that you do not have to install your applications from the beginning and do all the setup of your computer from the beginning.

In general, cloning from a mechanical disk to an SSD can be done, and vice versa, with asymmetric capacities. Now the tools allow us to optimize so that the disks do not have to be exactly the same.

Ideally the original disk should be free of bad sectors to avoid problems either in the cloning process or in the subsequent operation of windows

  • For information about the repair process click HERE

  • For information on how to send a laptop by courier click HERE

  • For warranty Warranty information press HERE

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