Upgrade laptop speed

Upgrade laptop speed

Laptop upgrade. Hard disk upgrade, RAM, processor upgrade, Windows operating system upgrade. Whatever the problem, we can find the solution.


Laptop is slow?

There are many cases that either because of years or because of a laptop with low characteristics, its use is hopelessly too slow. The question in these cases is upgrade or get new? The answer is that it depends on what can and may not be upgraded.


If when we bought our laptop we chose a laptop with a very small processor , then the upgrade can either be unprofitable or because the cost of the processor (if it can be upgraded) can be too large or because the laptop may not have compatibility with another processor. In these cases we usually consider the ability to upgrade the RAM and Hard Disk, replacing the old with a new SSD.

RAM memory

RAM is the most common upgrade and usually the easiest. The cost typically is not large and depends of course on the size of the upgrade and the type of memory that we will choose. The most common upgrade we recommend to our clients is the doubling of memory. In other words, a laptop with a 2GB memory to upgrade to 4GB, a laptop with 4GB memory to be upgraded to 8GB.  Of course there are cases that may require a very higher upgrade e.g. to run special programs.

Hard Drive

Also a common upgrade is to replace the mechanical disk with SSD disk. This upgrade is usually with the larger results at the speed of the laptop. Also due to the evolution of hard disk solid state (SSD), the values are now accessible and in most cases contextual for an upgrade. Of course the cost depends on the disk that we select at speed and repository.

The upgrade results after disk replacement with SSD are typically impressively. Even in cases of laptops with a very small processor e.g. 1Ghz, the performance is obvious.


In some cases there is a need to upgrade the screen with a higher resolution and IPSscreen. Usually this is possible because most modern laptops have a resolution of 1920x1080 instead of 1366x768, for example a classic screen.


A typical upgrade that would give a long lifeto our performance laptop would be the upgrade of RAM and hard disk drive with an SSD disk. Of course there are other options as well as above but all of them depend on the needs of each user from the laptop.

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You are in the right place to repair your PC and Laptop.

We specialize in all brands of laptops and have a wide range of spare parts and accessories for your laptop.

We repair from a very small damage to very difficult damage to the motherboard.Burned motherboard, bios problem, graphics card, hard disk problem, screen change, keyboard change, laptop speed upgrade, data recovery from hard disk and all possible faults, we are here for you!

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We provide service and spare parts for all models.

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