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Display Display Wire Repair

Screen cable Repair

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Screen cable Repair

The problem screen cable is a common damage that typically has the following symptoms:

  • vertical or horizontal on the laptop screen that changes with the snap of the screen above
  • Bad color quality on screen
  • Laptop starts and has display but without lighting
  • Laptop has a black screen and shows on an external screen

Generally the damage to the screen cable is a serious damage that can cause even a short circuit on the motherboard of the laptop and in many cases damage to the screen.

The damage to the screen cable usually results from the friction of the plastic parts of the laptop in which it is fixed. In other cases, damage may be caused by a fall of the laptop.

Repair for this damage is the replacement of the cable with news. In some cases where either no spare part is available or the laptop is very old there is also the possibility of repairing the problem cable.

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